Milgard Replacement Windows

Milgard Replacement Windows

7 Replacement Windows Installed with Materials | Call for Pricing

The Dreamview replacement window package offers 7 high-performance windows, installation, and disposal of old windows. These beautifully designed windows are custom built by one of the leading vinyl window companies in the country. 

uPVC & low-e 366 performance

Performance Plus

Offering first-class glass features like Low-E3 and argon gas, these windows work like a powerful barrier to outside elements. 

Replacement Window Locks

Window Safety

Paired with double-strength glass and Easy Pull Security Locks, these windows really guard and secure your home.

House Icon

Peace of Mind

These windows come with two impressive warranties covering almost everything concerning your window.

Major Dreamview Replacement Windows Benefits

The Dreamview window package features Styleline windows by Milgard. These windows are built with top-of-the-line energy-efficient features, plus they’re backed by parts and labor warranties as well as the accidental glass breakage warranty for that additional peace of mind. It’s no wonder why Mildard is one of the most purchased windows in the nation.

double strength glass

Double Strength Glass

Double-strength glass is exactly what is sounds like, making it harder for the neighbor’s baseball to break through.

pull rail screens

Pull Rail Screens

Unlike traditional window screens, pull rail screens have a slot at the base just big enough to slip your fingers in and easily pull the frame from its slot. It makes the whole thing far easier, and there’s no worry about pulling your tabs from your screen.

milgard auto action locks

Easy Pull Security Locks

Commonly sought out by those with arthritis, this auto-action lock system is known for its easy pull system. It also automatically locks when the window is shut fully. 

Milgard Full Warranty

Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty

Milgard’s Full Lifetime Warranty stands in opposition to the typical Limited Lifetime warranty most windows companies provide. The warranty essentially covers all parts and labor for your window. 

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Milgard Warranty

Accidental Glass Breakage Warranty

One of the few things Milgard’s Lifetime warranty does cover is the glass but their Accidental Glass Warranty aims to correct that. This warranty covers your when the neighbor accidentally puts a ball through the window.

 Want to understand the fine print of window warranties? Click Here

Certified Energy Star

Certified Energy Star products meet strict energy performance standards set by EPA. They use less energy, are less expensive to operate, and cause fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their peers.

advance vip

Advance’s VIP Installation Service

Rest assured with Advances VIP Installation Service that includes delivery of your new windows and disposal of your old windows. Plus full responsibility for final inspection and measurements of your windows. You can expect that only high-grade insulation and silicone is used that ensures that your windows are installed at the best level.

Milgard Award

35+ Year Partnership with Milgard

Over five years ago, Milgard honored Advance Windows and Doors with a dealer award. Advance is one of the oldest vendors in L.A. County with a partnership that spans 30 years.

This package includes any horizontal sliding windows up to 5’0″x3’0″ (60″x36″) or any single hung windows up to 3’0″X5’0″ (36″x60″) to qualify. That typically covers all the windows in a house. Grids are not included but are available as upgrades. Sorry, this offer is not for casement windows, special shapes or tempered glass. This can’t be combined with any other offer.

Side-by-side Package Comparison

Milgard replacement window comparison chart

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