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The Smartview replacement window package offers 4 vinyl double pane windows, installation, and disposal of old windows. House-flippers and property managers have sought out this package as a go-to solution for rental properties that need a good window with energy-efficient features.

uPVC & low-e 366 performance


Compared to the average single-pane window, these windows have really improved energy efficiency. They keep inside temperatures in control.

Replacement Window Locks


´╗┐Improve lock technology delivers a window that keep your home safe without the anxiety of a faulty decrepit latch.

Major Smartview Replacement Windows Benefits

The Smartview window package features Fairgaze windows by Value. These windows are great for customers on a tight budget but who want dramatic energy efficiency improvement in their homes. These windows are exceedingly better than the average single-pane window. If your home needs a quick upgrade, the Smartview package can be an excellent choice. Here are some of the key benefits:

Dual Page Windows

Dual Pane Glass

Dual pane window systems are the real heart of modern windows. Where single pane windows did little to insulate a home, double pane glass prevent outside and inside temperatures from crossing over.

Window Meeting Rails

Reinforced Meeting Rails

Reinforced meeting rails double the strength of the vinyl window frame by serving as a skeletal system. It’s an unseen component, but it plays a vital role in creating a durable and long lasting window frame.

Window Weepholes

Weephole Covers

Weephole covers are often overlooked but are a nice feature to have since all windows require a draining system. Many windows have an open slots. The weep hole cover acts as a barrier against outside critters.

advance vip

Advance’s VIP Installation Service

Advances VIP Installation Service includes delivery of your new windows and disposal of your old ones. Plus we take full responsibility for final inspection and measurements. You can expect that only high-grade insulation and silicone is used to ensure that your windows are installed at the best level.

This package includes any horizontal sliding windows up to 4’0″x3’0″ (48″x36″) or any single hung windows up to 3’0″X4’0″ (36″x48″) to qualify. That typically covers all the windows in a house. Grids are not included but are available as upgrades. Sorry, this offer is not for casement windows, special shapes or tempered glass. This can’t be combined with any other offer.

Side-by-side Package Comparison

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