8 Unique Types of Arched Windows

8 types of arched windows

Types of Arched Windows To Know

Arched windows have been an attractive and popular option for the homeowner for many years. With a wide variety of styles, patterns, and designs available, arched windows can help improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and value. There are so many arched windows to choose from when you consider the different materials they’re made out of and how they are designed or decorated.

Although we may not be available to provide some of these styles–especially with regards to replacement windows, we wanted to create a resource for anyone who is interested in the many different types of arched windows.

Radius Windows

These are some of the most versatile arched windows because they come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. This makes them ideal for both traditional and contemporary homes alike. One of the best things about radius windows is their ability to let in ample amounts of natural light. The circular shape allows them to face any direction, so you can easily place them where more sunlight is needed.

Another benefit of radius windows is that they can be custom-made by a professional window company like Window Nation. We make all our radius windows from top-quality materials look great and withstand the test of time.

Eyebrow Windows

Eyebrow windows are some of the most popular types of arched windows on the market today. They’re especially popular with homeowners who want a rustic look in their homes. These windows have a simple design that makes them easy to install and maintain. However, these windows don’t offer much ventilation; they tend to be smaller than other types of arched windows, so they only let in a small amount of light as well.

Curved Shape Windows

The curved shape of the top window symbolizes wealth and status that can make your home feel like it belongs in an era when kings ruled. The curve on the top is a focal point for the window, which will draw attention to itself. This makes it a perfect centerpiece for your room so that you can create an atmosphere that feels like royalty when you enter. The curved shape also offers more privacy than other arched windows because there aren’t any straight lines for people outside to look through. For instance, if you have a window in your bedroom, then this means that no one walking by will be able to see inside unless they come up very close to where the glass meets the wall.

Circular Windows

Circular arched windows make a stunning addition to any home. The circular shape of the window is reminiscent of a small porthole, with the round shape surrounded by a large rectangular frame. This window is often seen in classical architecture and can serve as the focal point of a room or an entire home. Installing this type of window will give your home instant architectural charm and appeal, especially when installed at the front or side of the house. The circular window is often seen in classical architecture and can serve as the focal point of a room or an entire home. Installing this type of window will give your home instant architectural charm and appeal, especially when installed at the front or side of the house.

Semicircle Windows

Semicircle windows are a specific type of arched window that comes to a peak at exactly half the diameter of the base. This makes them easier to construct and install than other arched windows and offers a more visually-appealing alternative to rectangular windows. Semicircle windows can be used throughout the home in many different applications, but they are most commonly used in bedrooms and bathrooms as natural skylights above doors. The windows can also be installed above existing rectangular windows for added decoration.

Octagon Windows

Octagon windows are 8-sided and are typically arched or curved. One of the most common arched windows, octagon windows, adds character and beauty to any room. They can serve as a focal point or just be part of a more intricate design. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, octagon windows can also be used for ventilation and natural lighting. Because they have eight sides, they allow airflow from multiple directions. Octagon windows are also versatile in design and can be installed almost anywhere, including overhead doors and corners.

Multi-Arch Windows

Multi-arch windows are usually used to create a unique look for a home or religious building. In some cases, they may also be used to add extra space to a room, mainly if the second arch is located high on the wall distance between the two angles can be used as a small nook or just an extra touch of decoration. They’re also sometimes used to add a different level of privacy and security without sacrificing too much natural light. The bottom arch will provide light while still allowing the homeowner or building owner to maintain a certain level of privacy. In contrast, the top arch provides natural light without viewing the room.

Arched windows are ideal for almost any design project, from residential to commercial and everything in between. By adding an arch to your window options, you have a creative and beautiful way of bringing in light to change the whole mood and feel of a room.