New Big Time Savings for Replacement Windows Los Angeles

There’s been a bad trend taking shape for some time now…

Here’s what I hear from my clients:

“Joe, thanks for making it easy to understand what your sale includes.”
“I love that you show your pricing right from the get go!”
“Great information on your site, just what I was looking for.”

These are the comments I regularly get for an easy solution we developed to a common problem for window shoppers. Can you guess what it is?

People, like you, where finding it impossible to get pricing and service information online when shopping for windows.

As a result, we wanted to make it as clear as possible. It even caused us to develop a series of packages that are incredible offers and are easy to understand and at a tremendous value to you.  You’ll want to read this to the end to know all about them.

Why People are Replacing their Windows in Los Angeles

Many homes  in Los Angeles still have their original old windows. Home owners get tired of these because they just look terribly unattractive and they’re incredibly hard to open and close. Typically, these windows leak out warm or cold air because older windows are no where near as well designed as modern replacement windows, and very often fitted with only one pane of glass. This is a money-waste on energy bills. Besides, the older the hardware becomes, the harder it is to open a window to let in fresh air in. And once it’s open, the window might get stuck so that you can’t shut it when the night gets cold or lock it up to go to sleep.

New replacement windows make a huge difference. New windows will save you money on energy bills, will look good outside and inside, and will get rid of the frustration of sticky latches and frames. Imagine coming home from work and opening your new windows that allow a breeze to air out your home without relying on the A/C. Or waking up to an open window’s fresh air or morning chirping. Better yet, keep the noise out with dual pane windows and help bring a quiet calm into your home. You can benefit too by replacing the windows in your older home for your own comfort, or to make it ready to sell or rent.

The Common Problem Window Shoppers Discover

Other companies tend to put pressure on potential customers. They are not clear about pricing and what clients will get for their money. They push for commitments too quickly, meaning they only want to conduct a single consultation. Often times they insist that a wife and husband be present together to hear the sales pitch so they can make a decision right there and then. What they feared was you talking to another window company. We knew we could do better than that for our customers. You should be provided with clarity regarding pricing, service and warranties. Sure, it’s still best if we can come and give you a quote in person, but if your properly informed ahead of time–you can avoid exhausting, drawn-out, 3 hour sale pitches.

Real Solutions with Real Savings

After reducing our overhead and prices dramatically, we created three separate packages that have had a COLOSSAL response from customers throughout Los Angeles. These packages are:

The Smartview Package

  • Ideal for property owners who rent out their houses or flip homes. It includes a modern performing window at smart pricing.
  • -5 feature benefits
    -11 installation benefits
    -3 Warranty benefits
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The Comfortview Package

  • Premium functioning windows targeted at homeowners who live in their home and are looking for a few more comforts. These windows include top of the line feature and for a limited time a FREE PATIO DOOR.
  • -8 feature benefits
    -11 installation benefits
    -5 Warranty benefits
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The Dreamview Package

  • Milgard’s Tuscany window that features many high-end qualities. A name brand window with beautiful craftsmanship and top of the line service.
  • -14 feature benefits
    -11 installation benefits
    -5 Warranty benefits
    Read more about these Milgard Tuscany windows…

 Hurry ! Get Your Replacement Windows Los Angeles

Energy efficient windows provide a great deal of comfort in your bedroom, keeping the room temperature even for a better night’s rest.  New window will solve that problem of a wasteful A/C and heating bills and give you the pleasure of being able to open and close your windows when you please, whether you choose to allow in the sounds and sensations of nature or shut out  the clamor of a neighbor’s garden party. Good quality windows will do this for you.
These three packages are available on a limited-time basis because the packages change regularly. So give us a call today. Just don’t delay because these special offers and free products are available on a first come, first serve basis.

And here’s a must! Get additional information by viewing our “Ultimate Window and Door Buying Guide” videos and pick up tips about saving money and avoiding common pitfalls. Hear it straight from me and my wife, experts in windows and doors for over 35 years. We take pride in delivering outstanding customer service. Don’t believe us, find out:  ‘What Others Say About Us.’ (on the right edge of the screen.)

If you’re in need to finally ending your window issues and transforming your house or investment property into a comfortable, safe and beautiful  home,  you’ll need to turn to replacement window company who have experience and proven reputation. You want choices, clear pricing, and all the benefits of high quality window. Call today and make the most out of the money and get the home you’ve always wanted.